What is ceramified polyolefin raw material

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2022-08-25 15:14

Ceramicized polyolefin raw material is a new type of high-performance fire-resistant refractory material developed for fire-resistant wire and cable on the basis of ceramicized fire-resistant and refractory silicone rubber. It is based on polyolefin resin, adding high-efficiency ceramic filler, flame retardant and other functional additives, and is made by mixing, plasticizing and granulating.

Cheapest Ceramicized polyolefin

Compared with ceramized silicone rubber and ceramized silicone rubber composite belt, ceramized polyolefin raw material has two outstanding advantages. First, the process of making wires and cables is simplified, and the efficiency is greatly improved; second, the cost can be reduced by about 30%.
The ceramicized polyolefin material can be produced by the conventional low-smoke halogen-free polyolefin material extrusion equipment of cable companies, and there is no need to increase investment and purchase special equipment. Compared with traditional mica tape refractory cables, magnesium oxide mineral insulated refractory cables, flexible fire-resistant cables, and ceramized silicone rubber refractory cables, ceramicized polyolefin refractory cables are more efficient in production equipment and processes, product performance, laying processes, applications and overall costs. It has obvious advantages in other aspects.


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