Application of Ceramic Silicone Rubber

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2022-08-31 14:06

Ceramic silicone rubber material is a new type of polymer refractory material, which is widely used in wire and cable industry. Construction, emphasizing the importance of fire protection and fire safety, how to ensure the smooth flow of electricity and communication for a certain period of time in the event of a fire, and reduce casualties.

Ceramic silicone rubber company

Magnesium oxide mineral insulated fire-resistant cables and mica tape-wrapped fire-resistant cables are mostly used at home and abroad. The research and development of ceramic silicone rubber fire-resistant cables will provide a new, safe and economical fire-resistant cable for fire protection, especially for fire-resistant wires and cables. Manufacturing opens up new ideas and methods, which will greatly reduce costs compared with traditional fire-resistant cables.
Ceramic silicone rubber products have no special requirements for equipment, and the processing technology is simple. Can be produced using conventional silicone rubber processing equipment. Compared with the current production process of fire-resistant wire and cable, it has higher production efficiency, can reduce production energy consumption and save costs.


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