Raw materials for ceramicized silicone rubber

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2022-09-02 13:06

Ceramic refractory silicone rubber is a special silicone rubber refractory material made of silicone rubber as the base material, adding the forming auxiliaries and functional fillers of the stone ceramic powder, and a certain processing technology. Ceramic refractory silicone rubber has the general properties of ordinary silicone rubber materials under normal conditions. It can be rapidly sintered at temperatures of 600°C and above into a hard "ceramic" shell, giving the material excellent fire resistance, thermal insulation, thermal shock resistance and other properties. Compared with inorganic refractory materials, ceramic refractory silicone rubber has the advantages of simple and diverse molding processes, waterproof and moisture-proof, non-toxic and harmless, and environmentally friendly. The fire resistance is not bad, and the thermal insulation effect is good.

Ceramic silicone rubber company

Ceramic refractory silicone rubber is widely used in refractory wires and cables, fire auxiliary materials, new energy vehicle battery safety protection, aerospace and other fields because of its excellent fire resistance.


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