The use and characteristics of ceramic silicone rubber

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2022-08-29 15:32

Ceramic silicone rubber is a type of silicone resin. Silicone resin, also known as silicone, silicone (polymerized siloxanes or polysiloxanes, commonly known as silicone), is a polymer between organic and inorganic, its chemical formula is [R2SiO]n, its R = methyl, ethyl and benzene base. When R/Si≈2 in [R2SiO]n, the form of silicone resin is silicone rubber.

Ceramic silicone rubber prices

Mainly used in toy and gift industry, craft gift industry, furniture decoration industry, character reproduction, architectural decoration and decoration industry, resin handicraft industry, unsaturated resin handicraft industry, candle craft  ceramic industry, gift stationery industry , gypsum craft Gift industry, mold manufacturing industry, Polly industrial products, simulation animal and plant sculpture, Buddha carving crafts and other industries product replication and mold making.
Features: ① Has good operability. ②Low viscosity, good fluidity and easy operation. ③ The shrinkage rate is small. ④ Good tensile strength.
⑤ Not easy to deform. ⑥The hardness is suitable for product use. ⑦High temperature resistance, many times of mold turning, long service life, acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance.


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