Detailed explanation of the application of thermally conductive silicone sheet in new energy vehicle charging piles

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2022-03-17 10:38

As a green means of transportation with broad development prospects, the popularity of electric cars will be unusually rapid in the future, and the future market prospects will also be unprecedented.

Under the background of the global energy crisis and the serious environmental crisis, the Chinese government is actively promoting the use and development of new energy vehicles. As an important supporting infrastructure necessary for the development of electric vehicles, the charging/swapping station has very important social and economic benefits. . The importance of charging piles is beyond doubt.

At present, the ratio of new energy cars to charging piles is only about 3:1, which is far from the 1:1 planned in 2020. There is still a lot of room for development. The overall work of dealing with the lagging problem of charging piles and charging equipment construction has reached a critical point. stage. Therefore, the number of new energy cars will increase rapidly in the next few years. The distribution of the number of charging piles built in shopping malls lags far behind the development of new energy cars; it is expected that the number of charging piles will increase rapidly in recent years; The business model of China is constantly evolving; the standard introduction of charging piles and new energy cars will also upgrade the original products and promote the orderly development of this industry.

Thermally conductive silicone sheet manufacturers take you to understand the use of thermally conductive silicone sheets on charging piles

With the advancement of the new energy industry and the development of new polymer materials, according to the increasing demand for the number of charging piles in the market, this situation will undoubtedly bring great business opportunities to the heat transfer materials market. Why do you say that?

Thermal silica sheet manufacturers introduce to you the importance of heat dissipation of charging piles

The purpose of the charging pile is to allow the vehicle to be charged to make up more than 50-60% of the electric energy in a relatively short period of time, of which the DC fast charging can be charged for 1-2 hours, and the AC slow charging can be charged for 6-8 hours. The faster the charging speed, the greater the power of the charging pile inductance module and the greater the charging current, which means the greater the heat generated by the inductance module, power module and other components. Due to high currents and voltages, heat is generated rapidly and in large quantities. If the rapid and large amount of heat cannot be emitted in time, it will simply burn the circuit devices, and in severe cases, it may even cause a fire. Therefore, the importance of heat dissipation of charging piles is beyond doubt.

Thermally conductive silicone sheet manufacturers introduce you to charging pile cooling technology solutions

Technical status The conventional selection of cooling fans has the advantages of low cost, simple installation and less energy consumption; the disadvantages are: outdoor dust easily enters the cabinet and contaminates precision components; No matter how strong the force is, the effect is limited; it is not conducive to light integration planning. Now the industry has introduced thermally conductive silicone and thermally conductive engineering plastics to deal with heat dissipation, mainly including the following four aspects: inductance module - thermally conductive silicone gasket, chip heat dissipation - thermally conductive silicone grease, power potting - thermally conductive silicone, socket plug - thermally conductive plastic.

Take the inductance module - thermally conductive silicone gasket as an example

The thermally conductive silicone gasket can conduct the heat of the inductor to the aluminum casing of the power supply, and then reduce the temperature of the inductor; at the same time, the thermally conductive silicone gasket has good elasticity, which can play a role in shock absorption and shock absorption.


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